About us 

Created in June 2018, Rare Cortex is a Tech blog and a Tech store that seeks to solve the daily concerns of Internet users on the net. The blog offers original and recent content and sells trendy products, moreover, the blog offers micro-freelance services for people who want to grow their social networks. Samyn-Antoy ABASSE is the main editor and founder of the blog, he wears many hats like web marketer, web administrator, salesman, freelancer, influencer and geek.

The current writers on the blog:

Samyn-Antoy ABASSE : Founder, Tech Guru, Chief Editor, Seller, Marketer.

The Rare Cortex admins monetize the blog in different ways including affiliate marketing to stay on the net and remain available for advertising if you wish.

For all advertising inquiries, please contact:

Samyn-Antoy ABASSSE
Chief Editor and Founder and  Advertiser